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Bold, inventive, and compassionate storytellers.

With production partners across the globe et aussi chez nous au Québec!

We're a scrappy, strategic team recognized for maintaining transparent relationships with our co-producers and artists. Together, we make thought-provoking movies, TV shows and documentaries that usher in social change and generate buzz. But we also believe that socially active entertainment can include fun, escapist and progressive themes that appeal to mainstream audiences. 


Located in the Vaudreuil region of Montreal, Quebec, Poutine Studios alternates between scripted and unscripted entertainment. We're especially passionate about creating original content that showcases diverse POVs and our production knowledge is second to none.

Debra Kouri 
President & Producer

Over the past two decades, Debra Kouri has honed her producing talents in film and television on a variety of genres. She's seen the ins and outs of production and is keen on developing content that challenges the status quo - all with a bit of humour in tow. She's a BIPOC creative in the industry, known for being a strong, level-headed and transparent producer who enjoys seeing an idea go from concept to reality. 

Debra has worked as a Director of Development, Head of Production, Supervising Producer, LP and EP, which prepared her to found Poutine Studios in 2019. She's worked with broadcasters Bell Media, Corus, CBC, TVA, TV5, Discovery, Travel Channel, multiple Format companies and has also produced narrative films that screened at VIFF, MWFF, RVCQ, amongst others.


She also sits on the board of directors of the QEPC (Quebec English-language Production Council). 



Martin Cabral 
Creative & Technical Director

With a background in IT, computer programming and technical support, Marty’s easygoing adaptability is his biggest asset. He’s renowned for being a jack-of-all trades in the film and television industry, performing a variety of roles wherever he’s needed – both on and off set. As a unionized technician, he performs multiple roles in the camera department including expert-level drone piloting, and often also works with the locations and/or unit departments in order to ensure a smoother-running show. But if asked to choose only one function to perform for the rest of his life, he’d easily pick using his creative side, helping to create worlds, characters and plot lines for the many projects on Poutine Studios’ slate.

Frequent Collaborators

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